India’s Railway Man- A Biography of Dr E Sreedharan


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ISBN-13: 978-8129145215
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Publisher: Rupa Publications India (14 February 2017)
Language: English

About the Book

This is the story of Dr E. Sreedharan—a 21st century icon similar to Brunel and Sir MV; a man who has changed the face of the railways, and of public transport in India. Two key railway projects helmed by him have changed the way India travels. The first is the 760-km stretch of the Konkan Railway, carved out of the extremely challenging terrain of India’s Western Ghats—a project virtually abandoned by the British as ‘not feasible’. It was completed by Sreedharan and his team within seven years, and when finished, it cut short the rail-travel distance between Ahmedabad and Mangalore by 1,218km.

The second key project is the Delhi Metro Railway, built in a crowded city with as little disturbance as possible. This also took about seven years to complete and is a successful model that offers a practical solution to urban chaos. Now being replicated in almost every major city across the country, it has proven to be the dream solution for every urban transport problem.

While these and many more success stories abound around Sreedharan, not many know of the private battles he has fought with integrity for his principles, nor have many have heard the anecdotes behind the biggest infrastructure projects he has led.



About the Author

A journalist for the past 25+ years, Rajendra B. Aklekar has two things on his mind—the railways and Bombay. He started his career with Rusi Karanjia’s firebrand The Daily, where he used to run a weekly column on the history of Bombay’s railway stations. Presently, Aklekar is associated with presently with Mid-Day, Mumbai as Senior Assistant Editor. He has trained himself in museology to document Bombay’s vanishing relics, helped the railways set up heritage galleries, and worked on several prestigious projects to conserve the city’s ancient structures.

Rajendra is the bestselling author of Halt Station India and India’s Railways Man: A Biography of E. Sreedharan.