Journalist. Author of books on India's railway history, heritage and trains

Halt Station India

Nominated as Best Non-Fiction at Bangalore Literary Festival 2015, Halt Station India chronicles the dramatic rise of India's original rail network. Taking a walk along India's first rail lines, the author stumbles upon fragments of the past-a clock at Victoria Terminus that offers a rare view of a city; a cannon near Masjid Station that is worshipped as God; a watchtower overlooking Sion Station, believed to have housed a witch. Each stop comes with stories of ambition & death and desire & war.

India's Railway Man

The story of the man who bridged the biggest gap on the map of Indian Railways. Building a 760-km line on the country's toughest terrain,  the Konkan Railway - touted as India's Extreme Railway. Also the Delhi Metro. Both in seven years. Spreading a Metro Rail revolution in India. The story of his success, regrets and battles. The only inspiring biography of India's most honoured railway man titled, India's Railway Man, personally read & endorsed by him.