Wi-Fi in India’s only trams in 2021- How to connect and more details

From Jan 1 2021, Kolkata Trams are having free WiFi. Trams in Kolkata have been around since 1873. Recently, the ridership of youth had been decreasing in the tramcars. So, in keeping up with the present time to provide the best amenities to its commuters, in a first; West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) is providing free Wi-Fi in the trams.

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Kolkata Tram at Tram World

” The idea of wifi in tram is to make it attractive for the youth and tech savvy”, said MD WBTC Rajanvir Singh Kapur.

Launched from today, that is 1st of January; the internet services would be given in all of WBTC’s Air-Conditioned trams.

Within a month, this would be extended to all trams; depending upon the response.

The AC Trams being covered also means the Young Readers’ Tramcar, Tram Library etc would also get this facility in addition to any previous arrangement.

“The WBTC has been taking all plausible steps to make trams a choice mode again” said Chairman WBTC Rachpal Singh.

The Free WiFi service would enable the passengers to only browse news, content & videos but would also enable high quality Wi-Fi calling.

“The service provides the commuters with an added layer of divertissement while travelling towards their destination”, said Mr Kapur.

The services in each tram can handle up to 30 users with an average per user speed of 1 mbps, enabling the passengers with strong connectivity.

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WhatsApp Image 2020 12 22 at 10.54.21

The target in this is the youngsters and tech savvy commuters.

To access the Wi-Fi in the AC Tram the next time you travel, use the following details:

Network Name: “WBTC TRAM”
Password: “wbtc1234”

Steps to connect:

  1. Go to the settings sections of your smartphone
  2. Go to Wi-Fi section
  3. Wait to see available list of networks
  4. Connect to “WBTC TRAM”
  5. User the password as “wbtc1234”

Please note that the fare remains same. The normal AC fare. Hence this facility is practically free for commuters.

“This is WBTC’s New Year gift to Kolkata”, said Sh Singh.


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