Complete details, drawings and renderings

The elevated local train railway station at Kurla in Mumbai on Central Railway will have three lines, one for CSMT-bound trains, other for Mankhurd-Navi Mumbai bound trains and a central double discharge platform with a dead-end for trains terminating at Kurla. The layout will be similar to that of Parel, the only difference being that all this will be elevated.

Picture1 1
Picture1 1

The project involves construction of a 1,120m 59-span bridge linked to a central skywalk, linking all other foot bridges. As of today 35pc work is complete.

New station 1
Rendering of new elevated Kurla harbour line station

The whole idea of taking the harbour lines and the station at an elevated level is two fold. The existing harbour line will then serve as 5th and 6th lines between Kurla and CST for outstation trains to segregate the existing main line traffic. Besides, it will not just add to capacity of the line, but also segregate the Mumbai Port Trust freight line and the Trombay goods line that bypasses the harbour line at Kurla.

Trains between Kurla and Mankhurd used to run till the late 1990s, but the Central Railway had stopped them after development of Navi Mumbai as there was increased traffic and these Kurla trains begun to prove as a hindrance to harbour trains starting from CSMT. After almost two decades now, once this station is ready in the next few years, the Central Railway will reviving the Kurla originating trains to Navi Mumbai.

Engineering details

Structure of Track viaduct-
CST end ramp-413m, level-504m, PNVL end ramp-422m = total 1339m
GRADIENT :- 1 in 37 (Tilaknagar end) and 1 in 39 (CST end).
SPANS :-59 nos of varying length, solid ramps at both ends
Pile foundations- 1200mm dia (596 no.) for piers, 800mm dia (432 no.) for solid ramp, RCC pile caps (80 nos.)
RCC Piers (140 nos of 1.8m dia, 202 nos. of 1.0m dia), Pier caps- 80 nos.
PSC I Girders (252 nos.)/PSC Slab (32 nos.) and steel composite girders two span

Structure of Mezzanine Floor :- Length-132M
Mezzanine area 3450 sqm. PILES 800MM DIA 492NOS.
Pilecap 154 nos. stn column.200nos. piercap combined 24+26single, superstructure RCC grid.

Structure of Platform:- Length-270M
Mezzanine area 3450 sqm. PILES 800MM DIA 492NOS.
Pilecap 154 nos. stn column.200nos. piercap combined 24+26single, superstructure RCC grid

FOUNDATION : Bored Cast in Situ Piles of 1200 mm dia for Viaduct and 800 mm dia for Station Platform with 6mm Liner up to refusal level .
Pile Cap : 10.5 x5.1x 1.8m & 5.1×4.5×1.8m

SUBSTRUCTURE : Circular Pier of 1800 mm dia with Pier cap of Size 11.59 x3.5 x1.25 & 6.5×3.5×1.25

SUPERSTRUCTURE : Pot PTFE Bearings with Pre-stressed Precast I Girders of Varying Length and Deck Slab of
220 mm thickness

REINFORCEMENT : Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
CONCRETE (UNDERGROUND): Primer with Coal Tar Epoxy – 2 Coats-
LINER : Primer coat of Zinc Phosphate , 2 coats of High Build Coal Tar
CONCRETE (EXPOSED ) : Integrated Four coat System.


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