28TH November, 2021 is celebrated as 93rd foundation day of Electric Loco Shed, Kalyan.  The premier Shed of Indian Railways has the proud distinction of being the First Electric Loco Shed under the then Great  Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR).

Interiors of Kalyan Electric Loco Shed

          During its journey of last 93 years, the Shed has maintained nearly 16 different types of Locomotives.  Initially entrusted with DC Locomotives of type EA-1 & EF-1, the Shed received WCM-2, WCM-3 & WCM-4 class of locomotives which were modified to work in 1,500 Volt DC catenary prevalent in Mumbai Division.  Later CLW manufactured WCM-5 class of locomotives, the first one coined “LOKMANYA” which were also added to the fleet of ELS/KYN.

         Since Mumbai Division is surrounded by Ghat sections on both sides, Kalyan based locomotives perform the essential service of banking (providing additional power) for hauling mail/goods trains UP or Down the Ghat.  In 1971, the newly built WCG-2 locomotives were provided which had dynamic braking feature.

        With the growing passenger segment of Indian Railways, the population of coaching locos were given a boost with BHEL manufactured WCAM-2P & WCAM-3 locomotives.  Further, WCAG-1 locomotives were also introduced for the expanding goods services.

A loco being maintained at the Kalyan Electric Loco Shed

         After 2007, the process of catenary conversion of Mumbai Division to AC was done in North Eastern Ghat and so WAG-7 & WAG-5 locomotives were introduced.  Considering the capability of the team of ELS/KYN in ably handling various types of locomotives simultaneously, the latest technology, pure AC locomotive WAG-9 with IGBT Converter was added to its fleet.

            As the need of coaching locos increased, from the year 2019, WAP-7 type locomotives are added to the feet, at present ELS KYN having holding of 37 WAP/7 locomotives and more locos are adding to the fleet.

            ELS/KYN is also the only Electric Loco Shed of Indian Railways that has Accident Relief Train (ART) & High Speed – Self Propelled Accident Relief Train (HS-SPART) as a part of its fleet.  The renowned and capable break-down team of Kalyan ART has been often acknowledged for its efficiency during unusual happening such as accident, derailments etc. occurring over Mumbai Division.

            In 2019 year, ELS KYN played major role in technological upgradation of Indian Railways in operating push pull technology in Rajdhani Express and HOG operated trains.

            As the entire world is struggling with Covid -19 pandemic, to maintain the nation on track, ELS KYN played a major role to maintain the shed activities even in lockdown period and many such cases are highlighted up-to Railway Board and even Railway Minister appreciated the dedication of staff of ELS KYN.

A collage of activities at the Kalyan Electric Loco shed

            During the lockdown period, a team of dedicated staff works round the clock to monitor the loco movement, attention of defects reported from line etc. Further gradually the activities of shed restored to its normal working with better man-power & time management.

To take care of our staff against Covid-19 pandemic, the following initiatives were taken by shed.

  1. Re-usable face mask were prepared by our lady staff and distributed among the staff.
  2. Sanitizer made in-house for shed use and it is even supplied to other departments such as hospital, RPF, S&T, Operation dept. etc.
  3. Face shield was provided to all staff.
  4. Temperature of all staff reporting for duty is being monitored.
  5. Foot switch operated hand sanitizer dispensing system & hand wash facility developed in house.
  6. By proper counseling of staff for wearing face mask, ensuring safe distance, use of sanitizer time to time the case of covid-19 was totally under control in shed.

            At present shed is holding 211 locomotives. Presently 7 different types of locomotives are maintained in shed. Holding of different types of locomotives are 53 nos. of WCAM-3, 20 nos. of WCAM-2, 12 nos. of WCAG-1, 56 nos. of WAG-7, 29 nos. WAG-9, 02 nos. of WCM-6 and 39 nos. of WAP-7. During last year shed has commissioned 22 Nos. of WAP-7 locos, these WAP-7 locos are fitted with Hotel load convertor technology which is provided to supply electricity to coaches and eliminated the requirement of diesel and power car.


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