October 9, 2020

Mumbai Metro Line 3 October 9 2020 update
A Flash Butt Welding Machine made by M/s. Holland LP, USA, to weld Head Hardened (HH) rails for Mumbai’s first underground Metro Aqua Line 3 arrived on October 9, 2020. It will weld the 18-m long rails made by M/s. Mitsui, Japan. 8,366 ton of the total 10,740 ton of rails are already here.
“This is an automatic welding machine with pre-set parameters to function exactly as per the set values to produce quality welds. Welding of rails is planned from eleven different locations to cover the entire 33.5km project,” officials said.
“FBW Machine will weld the rails by aligning, preheating, flashing, forging, stripping and air-quenching at a flash voltage of 340V and Boost Voltage of 420V. This is the first of the two such plants to be deployed,” Subodh Gupta, Director (Projects), Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation said.


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